Private Guitar lessons in the East Bay

Dear guitar lovers and guitar curious,
welcome to Oakland Guitar School of music.

Oakland Guitar School of Music

Hi, I’m Ila and I’m a guitar teacher with over 14 years experience teaching kids and adults of all levels.

I offer private guitar lessons all around the San Francisco Bay area, East Bay, and Marin County.


Guitar, Bass Guitar, Music Theory, Composition, Songwriting, Ear-training, Ukulele


jazz, classical, rock/pop/indie, improvised music, songwriting


I teach all ages –kids, teens, and adults.

*I think 7-8 years old is a healthy minimum age to start learning guitar considering the instrument’s physical demand, however  I still have younger students who do very well. If you think your young child is very drawn to music, please inquire!


The student should have his/her own guitar and a notebook of music paper. Amps and music stands are optional.

About me

I’ve been teaching private guitar lessons and group classes worldwide for over 14 years.
I love teaching guitar to people of all ages and backgrounds, whether they’re kids just starting out, or seasoned players.

Apart from giving private lessons, I’ve led jazz workshops in schools such as the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (NY), the Northern Westchester Center for the Arts (NY) and Aquinus College (MI). I will also be part of the faculty this year at Stanford Jazz Program (CA).

My own training was rooted in jazz, classical, improvisation, composition and music theory.  I’v studied at institutions such as the New School University (NY), BellaTerra (Spain), and the Banff Center (Canada).

I was also fortunate enough to study privately with several amazing musicians such as:
John Scofield, John Abercrombie, Dave Douglas, Ben Monder, Guillermo Klein, Steve Cardenas, Ben Street, Reid Anderson (Bad Plus), and guitar genius Bobby Hansmann.

During these fascinating studies, I’ve had a chance to develop my own style as a guitar teacher. Learn more about the way I teach guitar.


 10/27/2013 David from Berkeley

I took lessons from Ila for about six months and my guitar playing took off! She guided me through the charts of the tunes I wanted to play, showed me the underlying logic of the chord changes, and offered simple but effective exercises for increasing dexterity and rhythmic precision. Her understanding of the guitar and music — pop, jazz, standards, rock — is a joy to behold. She’s one of those no-pressure teachers who nevertheless gets you to play and practice at a higher, more intense level. Recommended for all ages, all levels of playing.

 11/10/2013 Sarah from NY

Ila taught my 10 year old daughter acoustic and electric guitar over the course of two years. She came highly recommended when we met her.  Ila was always patient, thoughtful and kind with my daughter.  She challenged her to expand her skills in a quiet, steady manner.  I absolutely recommend Ila as a professional guitar teacher who will inspire you to evolve your music.

 2/2/2014 Nelson L. from Palo Alto

I’ve been taking acoustic guitar lessons with Ila for over the last 2 months and my experience has been extremely positive. Ila is able to gage an individual’s skill level and customize a lesson plan that best suits their needs – making one class a building block for the next. She is a very patient and understanding instructor, but at the same time challenges and pushes you to do better. I couldn’t recommend a better instructor for anyone looking to take guitar lessons.


 2/12/2014 L.sjoblom from Oakland (Reviewed on

Ill is a really great teacher! She is very sweet, easy going, and makes sure her students take in the lesson plan so that the information sticks. She is very good at determining your skill level and challenging you so that you progress at a steady pace that is manageable but keeps you on your toes. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to become the musician you desire to be with her help, as long as you’re motivated to practice. I have only honest positive feedback and no complaints. Her studio is very charming as well:).